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The Perfect Chill-out Sunday Times: June 7th, 2009 Review by Alex Vella Gregory

There is something which is immediately welcoming about Clifford Borg`s music, not unlike the composer himself; a sweet seriousness that engages you. The launch of Clifford Borg`s  second album Origin, held at Saint James Cavalier on May 29 really showcased Borg`s music and musical influences.

The concert was a balanced mixture of new compositions taken from Origin, pieces from his first album Drifted, as well as songs by other artists who were an influence on Borg. He was also joined by singer Miriam Christine and trumpeter Kevin Abela for a number of items.

Borg`s music is unashamedly chill-out, and very good chill-out at that.  Though the nature of the music itself is repetitive, there is enough detail in Borg`s music to keep the listener interested without having to get too involved.

There is also a lot of potential for the music to expand and explore new textures and emotions.  The tracks from the new album, such as Simplicity, show a more refined approach than his earlier work.  The pieces on Origin, are more restrained and introspective, although not without surprises.

Of all of Borg`s compositions only Sunday and Longing Dawn made use of the trumpet. Kevin Abela gave a very musical interpretation of both songs, especially Sunday which was played with relish. Abela was more at ease with Miriam Christine, perhaps because the music gave him more scope for improvisation.


Miriam Christine is without doubt one of the best singers around.  She puts body and soul into her singing, and is a joy to watch as well as to listen to.  She gave fantastic renditions of songs by Mia Martini, Billie Holiday and others.


I wish Borg had explained more about why he chose these songs, and also why he chose to alternate between the pieces and other songs, instead of grouping them together. I also hope that on the next album, and there should definitely be a next album, we get to hear some of Borg`s songs. Oh, and when you buy the album, make sure you also buy some scented candles, bath oils, fine wine and chocolate truffles.




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