Clifford Borg Quotes
"Drifted is a true example that good, passionate music does not need cosmetic facelifts"

Michael Bugeja
Music Critic, Malta Independent - 2003

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Review by Prof Robert J. Wierzbicki

The musical atmosphere on Clifford Borg's second album "Origin" is somewhat cloudy. The unfolding of the music is like a mental strife between sadness and smiles but with not really much space left for the latter. The 16 tracks on the album work perfectly together creating a melodramatic-like audible scenery and very stringent musical dramaturgy.

Borg manipulates the listeners' emotions in a fantastic way using tension in creating piano music elements and mixing seemingly divergent musical styles - from cinematic tunes in "Emergence", through romantic waltz music in "Un-leaving" to the nocturne-like "Closed Chapter".

A comparison with any contemporary or classical piano artist or style does not really make sense in Borg's case. His piano style is unique - a kind of epic orchestral soundtrack played without an orchestra. Borg's musical textures augmented with moving images appear even more emotional and expressive. The prize Borg won for his track "Emergence" in the category Best Music for Digital Film at the SL:MIMA 2009 emphasizes his talent as a musical artist and composer of gripping film soundtracks.





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