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"His music has certainly touched and left a sentimental feeling in our hearts"

President Guido DeMarco - 2001

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Clifford Borg's Origin Sunday Times: October 26, 2008 Review by Michael Bugeja.

Thanks to a promising album and a string of live performances at home and abroad, Maltese pianist Clifford Borg has become something of a secret musical treasure over the past few years. His 2002 debut album, Drifted, highlighted the artist's inclination for both the traditional classical style as well as a more contemporary synthesized vein.

His real strength, however, lies in the way he has gradually developed a unique timbre in his style; one that wraps itself around and instills itself within the balance of vitality and emotion that lies at the root of his original compositions.

Borg is currently putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming album, Origin, which is scheduled for release early next year, ahead of which the young pianist will be giving three special performances. The first of these takes place inBrussels on November 4, followed by another inParis just four days later.

The third performance, taking place at Valletta's St James Cavalier on January 29 in collaboration with the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, is perhaps the most significant, as Borg will also be launching his new album on the night. Log on to for updates.




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