Clifford Borg Quotes
"Stimulating, delicate pieces that ooze sentiment and energy applied in varying juxtaposed measures"

Michael Bugeja
Music Critic, Malta Independent - 2009

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All tracks: Clifford Borg on Piano

All tracks composed and produced by Clifford Borg

Executive producer: Clifford Borg

Recorded in March (2006) on Steinway Piano D

Studio location: Studio ODEON, 120,Brussels.

Recording Engineer: Michael W. Huon.

Editing and Mastering: Michael W. Huon.

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It is not so easy to recall all that I have experienced while working on “Origin”, my second album so far.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that it has taken five long years since the release of my debut album entitled “Drifted”.  I have been through some rough times but in retrospect, the life changing events encountered have been positive. 

The track “Ellen`s Colours”, is dedicated to a lately departed friend. On a particular gloomy day while recording the song a ray of sunlight suddenly lit the piano. It only lasted for the length of the track but the moment remained ingrained.  Why Origin? This is because I was craving to record another piano album. When I found the recording studio inBrussels, I really felt at my Origin. It has been a long journey and I hope you will enjoy the music as much as I have enjoyed living through the trails and tribulations of these past five years.

  1. Emergence 4.44
  2. Afrindian Summer 4.22
  3. Simplicity 3.25
  4. All in Black and White 4.43
  5. Biography from a window sill 3.23
  6. OrangeForever 3.15
  7. Dasvedania 3.04
  8. Expectations 4.27
  9. Worth Waiting ? 4.07
  10. Beauty 2.43
  11. Who is Mr Swing? 3.40
  12. Secret Energy 3.28
  13. Ellen`s Colours 4.30
  14. Un-leaving 4.09
  15. Complete 3.56
  16. Closed Chapter 6.00

Thanks: I would like to thank all the people involved in this project Michael, Gattaldo, Brian, Daniel and Jean Pierre. A big thanks goes to my dad and mum. My sisters Janice and Elizabeth.  To all my friends (You know who you are – love always).  A special thanks goes to Hisham for giving me the courage to go on with this project. Malta Council for the Arts and Culture for their support. All radio stations – it would be impossible to be heard if it weren`t for you ! All of you out there who included this Cd in your collection. Finally a special thanks to Thomas and Daniela for helping me out in launching the album inBrussels.

Feeling complete

I thought, I`d never feel.

Being in peace,

I thought, I`d never be.


Sharing my life,

With myself, was a test.

Now it`s the time,

To sit down, have a rest.


To be complete,

One should not be discreet.

To be in Peace,

You should Stand, on your feet.


These words are meant,

To be you, full of zest.

Now it`s the time,

To site down, be my guest.





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