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"Music from "Origin" creates a melodramatic-like audible scenery and very stringent musical dramaturgy"

Prof Robert J. Wierzbicki - 2010

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Acoustic Visions is a compilation of new age solo piano artists from around the world. 13 tracks included on this CD were selected by the top 13 video artists for the 2009 SL:MIMA video entries. Other tracks were specially selected by from over 100 quality submissions.


3,70 EUR

1) Trooper

2) That`s unfair; Healing

3) Afterthoughts

4) Pursuit of Happiness

5) Always with you

6) And all is well

7) Autumn passing

8) Seduction

9) Silver lining

10) Blue tears

11) In a lifetime

12) Valzer delle foglie

13) Gentle whisper

14) Emergence

15) Moved on

16) Calling me out

17) It hurts

18) Emptiness dances

19) Le n`a pas memoire



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