Clifford Borg Quotes
"Drifted is a true example that good, passionate music does not need cosmetic facelifts"

Michael Bugeja
Music Critic, Malta Independent - 2003

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Track 1: Denied (3.18)
Track 2: September Nights (4.15)
Track 3: Wings (4.26)
Track 4: Longing Dawn (3.28)
Track 5: Ladybird (3.24)
Track 6: Hoping (3.01)
Track 7: Remembrance (3.18)
Track 8: Ira (2.21)
Track 9: Reaching (4.04)
Track 10: Bright Child (6.01)
Track 11: Raindrops (2.32)
Track 12: Drifted (5.02)
Track 13: Hoping (dance remix) (4.10)

Denied was inspired by the life of a pianist
September nights is dedicated to a special person
Wings is dedicated to my family
Longing Dawn increased my self esteem
Ladybird gives a swinging mood
Hoping was composed when I was in search of true friendship
Remembrance is dedicated to all the people I met during my life
Ira has a Spanish origin
Reaching was inspired by a character of a novel
Bright child was inspired by a beautiful poem
Raindrops was composed on a rainy Sunday afternoon
Drifted was inspired by a true story

All tracks composed, produced, arranged and performed by Clifford Borg.
Track 7 and 12: violin performed and arranged by Jean Micallef Grimaud.
Track 12: cello performed by Paul Micallef Grimaud.
Track 13: produced, recorded and remixed by M. Hofmann.
Recorded on Steinway (November 23rd, 1998) at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.
Edited, recorded, produced and manufactured at Farmhouse Studios.
Steinway recording by Paul Preca.
Cover illustration by Gary Parnis.
Photography by Kurt Arrigo.
Design by HART communications.


Your spirit runs through me,
whether angry or sad,
in pain or in love,
I should treat you.

In my solitude,
you're the greatest.
In my happiness,
you're the sweetest.

Passing through my veins,
you bring hope and serenity,
in a way nobody else can.
Which makes you, my only love.

For every rare instant,
I belong to you.
My heart pumps notes,
and for this, I'm grateful.


Drifted 1



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