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"Music from "Origin" creates a melodramatic-like audible scenery and very stringent musical dramaturgy"

Prof Robert J. Wierzbicki - 2010

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 Cross-Origin's collection of reinterpreted works from Clifford Borg's repertoire successfully extracts the brittle essence of his emotive piano compositions. Presented in a fresh guise and reflecting an adventurous inclination on the musician's part, the end result is fascinating, introducing a new aspect to Borg's talent that should certainly open new doors beyond his established classical music niche". (Michael Bugeja, music journalist, August 2014).

It is not easy to recall all that I have experienced while on “Cross-Origin”, my third album so far. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it has taken eight long years to complete this album, since it was in parallel with “Origin”. I have been through some rough times but in retrospect, the life changing events encountered have been positive. Why “Cross- Origin” ? This album represents a transition within my work, a crossover of different musical styles. The music in this album, is a reinterpretation of most of the tracks from “Origin”. “Sunday” and “Ave Maria” are completely new compositions. “Tango Je T'Adore” has the roots from “Ira” (Drifted). It has been a long journey and I hope you will enjoy the music as much as I have enjoyed living through the trials and tribulations of these last eight years.

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Track 1 - Complete (Radio Edit) (Featuring  Miriam Christine  and Qusai Zureikat)

Track 2  - Afrindian Summer (Featuring Qusai Zurikat)

Track 3 - Vesperi

Track 4 - Longing Dawn ( Radio Edit) ( Featuring Josie Scerri and on cello Stijn Kuppens)

Track 5 - Ave Maria ( Featuring Thea Garreth)

Track 6 - Emergence (Radio Edit) - Vocals Clifford Borg

Track 7 - Sunday ( Radio Edit) – Featuring Kevin Abela on trumpet and Vocals Clifford Borg

Track 8 - La Bellezza – Featuring Dorothy Bezzina, Guitar Gary Rollins, and on Flute Gary Stroutsos

Track 9 - Worth Waiting ? ( Radio Edit) - Featuring Janice and Elizabeth Borg

Track 10 - Tango Je T'Adore ( Radio Edit) - Featuring Miriam Christine and on Violin Gautam Karnik

Track 11 - Jealous Bossonova – Featuring Miriam Christine and  on Guitar Drinu Camilleri

Track 12 - Secret Energy

Track 13 - Emergence ( Instrumental Version)

Track 14 - Complete (Album Version)

Track 15 - Longing Dawn (Unplugged)




COMPLETE ( Radio Edit)

Feeling Complete,

I thought, I 'd never feel,

Being in Peace,

I thought, I 'd never be.


Sharing my Life,

With Myself, was a Test.

Now it's the Time,

To sit down, Have a Rest.


To be Complete,

One should not be Discreet,

To be in Peace,

You should Stand, On your feet.


These words are meant,

To be You, Full of Zest.

Now it's the Time,

To sit Down, Be my Guest.



I'm all alone,

No one there to hold me close.

I feel lost and disillusioned,

No one here to feed my soul.


I know, I lost my faith,

Along the way.

And now, there are missing pieces,

In this jigsaw of my darkened life,

I feel so cold.


I've fallen before and carried on.

And now, I must do the same,

Because I have faith in who I am.

And now I found,

A love for all around me.

And yes I am contended,

I found the answer in myself.


AVE MARIA ( Radio Edit )


Pray for us,

Ave Maria,

Save our Souls,

Ave Maria,


Tears of joy,

Ave Maria,



I praise, every moment that we live,

Every breath we need to breathe.

I just can't stop calling you, Ave Maria.

I carry on calling you ,Ave Maria.


Please be strong,

Ave Maria,  Should I go on?

Ave Maria,Words of hope, Ave Maria.Ave.


I dream, about peace and harmony,

Could this be world'sdestiny?

I just can't stop calling you,

Ave Maria, I carry on calling you, Ave Maria.


EMERGENCE (Radio Edit) 


I Feel You. Emergence,

I Need You.

When I embrace you,

my Heart is Thankful,

Emergence, running through my viens,

Forever, Eternally.


Emergence, now I Want You,

Emergence, now I Search for You.

Now my Heart,

Pumps river of notes,

To guide my thoughts.

Now my Mind, Unites my body and soul,

Sets my spirits to flow.

Now my World, lights the Universe, Emergence.



Those of us who fear,

Certain dreams inside,

That fade away,

Maybe it's just a matter of time,

It's Sunday.


When our time is near,

All our pain inside,

Slowly creeps deep down,

Our truth comes along at the end,

It's Sunday.


During this trip,

All our innocence and consciousness,

Slowly comes into life to remind,

Cause our days are alive for a while,

It's Sunday.




Credo, che in ogni senso,

Ti amerò,

Ti cercherò,

Forse è il destino.


Sento, il tuo sorriso,



Amami, per sempre.


Credo che vivo,

La Realta'.

La vita è bella cosi.

Senti il mio cuore,

Che palpita.

Grazie di stare con me.


Ho trovato in te,

La pace in me,

Piango di felicità, con te.


È una storia vera,



Senti questo sole.


Sento la tua mano,



Amami, ti prego.


Credo che vivo,

L'immensità ,

La vita è bella cosi.

Senti, il mio cuore,

Dentro di me,

Ti chiamo per volare con me.



Somehow, Somewhere, Someday,

Things happen in their own way.

Everything falls into place,

Mysteries follow their own pace.


Waiting can be a two fold game,

Patience might lead to your way.

Dreams fade away into dust,

Love turns and twists into lust.


Wandering what future awaits,

Seeking truth along the way.

Is it Worth Waiting ?

Is is worth waiting at all.


Somehow, Somewhere, Someday,

Things happen in their own way,

Chapters end and others begin,

Feeling fullfilled from within.

Waiting, Waiting, is it Worth Waiting ?


TANGO JE T'ADORE ( Radio Edit)


My love for you will never fade away,

Forever, Tango Je t'Adore.

When my heart tells me not to understand,

Again, Tango Je t'Adore.


In happiness I turn to you,

In anger, I follow you.

I embrace, every steps that you create,

Although they are imaginary.


In Happiness I turn to you,

In anger, I follow you.

Electric pulses that you generate,

Leads me to say, Tango Je t'Adore.



I've had my share in the past,

I'm in peace with Myself.

Can't you see, What I see,

I'm afraid it is your, Jelaous Bossanova.


I fly high like a bird,

No one stood in the way.

Oh girl, lead your life,

Orelse you will hear, your Jealous Bossanova.


No one treated me this way,

When you uttered one word,

I've closed all my doors.

What I left behind,

Is not my Jealous Bossanova,

Please listen to your, Jealous Bossanova.


I've tried to do my best,

I've been looking around,

In the meantime I will,

Create my own.







All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Clifford Borg. Executive producer: Clifford Borg.

Performers: Complete (Radio Edit) - Vocals by Qusai Zureikat and Miriam Christine / Afrindian Summer - Vocals by Qusai Zureikat / Longing Dawn (Radio Edit) - Vocals by Josie Scerri and Cello by Stijn Kuppens / Ave Maria - Vocals by Thea Garreth / Emergence - Vocals by Clifford Borg / Sunday - Vocals by Clifford Borg and trumpet by Kevin Abela / La Bellezza - Vocals by Dorothy Bezzina, Guitar by Gary Rollins and flute by Gary Stroutsos / Worth Waiting ? - Vocals by Elizabeth Borg and Janice Borg / Tango Je T'Adore - Violin by Gautam Karnik and Vocals by Miriam Christine / Jealous Bossanova - Vocals by Miriam Christine and guitar by Drinu Camilleri.

Studio locations: Belgium - Emergence (Instumental version), Afrindian Summer, Vesperi and Longing Dawnrecorded at(Musicoon Studios), Brussels. Recording and Programming Engineers, Philippe Malempre and Christophe Dassy. Live vocals and cello on "Longing Dawn" and "Emergence" recorded at Dada Recording Studios, Brussels. Recording engineer: Peter Soldan. Mixed at Dada Studios, Brussels. Mixing engineer, Marcus Neuttiens. / Germany: Teutonia Music, Bielefeld. Recording and programming engineer: T. Beker. All about Music Bielefeld. Vocals on " Complete" and " Afrindian Summer ". Recording engineer: Qusai Zureikat. Tracks 1, 3, 5 and 14: Special thanks to the "Vienna Symphonic Library" / Malta - Miriam's vocals on "Complete" recorded at "Doyaya Studios". Recording engineer Boris Cezek. Ave Maria, Emergence (Radio Edit), Sunday (Radio Edit), La Bellezza, Worth Waiting ? (Radio Edit), Tango Je T' Adore, Jealous Bossonova and Secret Energy recorded at Toby music productions - Additional mixing and mastering by Daniel Talma.

Lyrics - All lyrics written by Clifford Borg, except “Longing Dawn (Radio Edit)” written by Josie Scerri and Worth Waiting ? (Radio Edit) written by Elizabeth Borg, Janice Borg and Clifford Borg.

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Previous albums available by Clifford Borg include “Drifted” and “Origin”.Copyright 2006/2014 Clifford Borg / Performing rights society PRS / All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised copying, lending, hiring, public performance, diffusion and broadcasting of this recording is prohibited. Manufactured in the EU.

Thanks – I would like to thank all the people involved in this project.

Executive producer: Clifford Borg.



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